Bridging the Medical Divide

In rural India, where over 70% of the population lacks access to sufficient health facilities, disease mortality rates are a pressing concern. However, DigiSwasthya Foundation offers hope through its technology-driven and empathetic approach. By utilising telemedicine and digital health solutions, they bring quality healthcare to underprivileged households' doorsteps, tackling challenges like poor care and health awareness. The Foundation's dedication extends to raising awareness and fostering accountability within the healthcare system. Through their innovative efforts, DigiSwasthya is making a tangible impact on communities, creating a healthier and more empowered India. Their mission serves as a beacon of change, inspiring equitable healthcare for all.

This film is produced under the Flight of Bluebird initiative of Bluebird Moving Stories.

Official Selections
  1. 15th Prakriti Documentary Film Festival 2023, India

  2. 39th International Film Festival Agrofilm 2023, Slovakia

  3. We Care Film Festival 2024, India

  4. Varsity Film Expo 2023, Zimbabwe


Direction / Edit / Cinematography: Bidit Roy

Writers: Sandeep Kumar, Pallabi Roy, Bidit Roy

Key cast: Sandeep Kumar, Santosh Kumar

Director's Note

As a socially conscious individual, I've often questioned the absence of dedicated rural healthcare initiatives, especially when urban healthcare solutions flourished in response to Covid-19.

During my participation in the transformative Jagriti Yatra, I encountered Digiswasthya Foundation and its visionary founders, Sandeep Kumar & Pallabi Roy. Their innovative approach to addressing rural healthcare disparities fascinated me, compelling me to create a film that connects their mission with a wider community of medical professionals and patients.

Behind the scenes