Everyday Cyclists: Challenging Prejudice

In the bustling city of Pune, where industries and technology thrive, a hidden crisis emerges—deteriorating air quality and relentless traffic. Amid global climate change concerns, Devendra Yadav stands out. Choosing a bicycle over convenience, he becomes a personal force for change, pedalling against both unfriendly roads and norms. "Becoming a part of the solution, not the pollution," Devendra's resolute journey unfolds—a testament to individual action's profound impact. Join us in witnessing his transformative crusade through adversity towards a cleaner future.

  1. Focus On Ability Short Film Festival, 2019

Official Selections
  1. Filmed by Bike 2020, US

  2. Pune Short Film Festival 2019

  3. Cefalù film festival 2019

  4. The Lift-Off Sessions: May 2019

  5. Lahore International Children's Film Festival 2019

  6. NatureTrack Film Festival, US

  7. The BeBop Channel Content Festival, US

  8. Golden Tree International Documentary Festival, Germany


Direction / Edit / Cinematography: Bidit Roy

Writers: Devendra Yadav, Bidit Roy

Key cast: Devendra Yadav

Director's Note

"Inspired by Mother Teresa's wisdom—'There are many people who can do big things, but there are very few people who will do small things'—this film delves into the urgent global issue of climate change. We're all aware of our planet's escalating crisis, yet our focus often remains fixed on waiting for government interventions. What truly strikes a chord is the rarity of personal initiatives that drive change at its core.

My introduction to Devendra Yadav was serendipitous, through a mutual friend. Venturing on a bicycle ride to his workplace, I grasped the authenticity of his beliefs and the unwavering values he holds. Defying the odds of 'unfriendly' roads and challenging terrains, Devendra's commitment to cycling daily reflects a remarkable dedication to his principles.

Behind the scenes