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My Radio My Life

Set in the 21st century, the film revisits the golden era of radio in India, when it was the dominant, popular, and only source of entertainment, news, and knowledge. Being a medium that is heard across national borders, the radio has been instrumental in expanding horizons and enriching the lives of generations. Besides giving companionship to individuals, the radio brought families together and inspired people to make life choices.

We meet individuals from diverse backgrounds. A man who broadcasted the historic Apollo 11 moon landing as an announcer for Voice of America, a woman who found her calling in her formative years and later a life partner through radio, an octogenarian's unwavering determination to get his treasured valve radio set back to life, a person who preserves memories of people by restoring their radios and curating them in his museum, a woman from a conservative family who gets liberated by her passion for HAM radio and later goes on to win the prestigious Presidential Award, and several others who have indelible fond memories of the radio from their childhood and youth.

Radio, though considered obsolete now and from a bygone era, continues to enthral people with its evolving nature and the sentiments associated with it.

Feature Documentary / 67 mins

Directors: Bidit Roy, Makarand Waikar

Concept & Producer: Makarand Waikar

Research & Creative Producer: Simantinee Bhagwat

Cinematographer: Omkar Divekar

Editor: Poorva Bhat

Sound Designer: Akshay Vaidya

Music Composer: Shaunak Kulkarni

Assistant Director: Isha Choudhary

Colorist: Omkar Divekar

Additional Camera & Edit: Bidit Roy


The film has won awards and got selected in over 85 film festivals internationally

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