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Akash Patil

Pravin Nair

Anshuman Dogra

Sachin Yadav

Bharat Verma

Nitish Kashyap

Paramotoring is one of the few mediums which gives the pure thrill and rawness of flying like a bird, and we have a pioneer glider pilot - Lt. Col. Vivek Mundkur to show his adventures as he attempts to fly again after a gap of seventeen years.

TBA: Dec 2024

Upcoming Film

In a world where bees are unsung heroes, Amit Godse, 'The Bee Man' of Pune, champions their preservation, illuminating their vital role in safeguarding both our environment and our existence.

The Bee Rescuer

Shailesh Krishna, The Bicycle Maker, pedals against societal norms, revolutionizing cycling with his handcrafted, personalized bicycles, bridging the gap between personal well-being and environmental consciousness.

The Bicycle Maker
Bamboo Lawada

A couple's bamboo-driven initiative transforms a remote village, empowering artisans, and reshaping global perceptions.

Bridging the Medical Divide

Amidst India's rural healthcare crisis, DigiSwasthya Foundation, armed with technology and empathy, revolutionises medical access for underprivileged households, igniting hope and transforming lives across the nation.

Explore Mumbai's high-stakes skies and the unsung heroes of the aviation industry, where split-second decisions define order or chaos.

Being an Air Traffic Controller
For the Love of Dogs

Every year Pawthon organizes a marathon for people and their pooches, to raise funds for supporting the stray dog birth control program in Pune.

Everyday Cyclists: Challenging Prejudice

In a congested city on the brink of an environmental crisis, one man pedals against the tide of pollution and convenience, choosing his bicycle as a catalyst for personal and societal change, redefining the path to a cleaner future

On the Church Trail

Explore the lesser known heritage stories of Churches of Pune.